Royall Parlorizer - Golden Brass Body - Tropical Palm Tree Engraving

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This is a pre-owned Royall Parlorizer Resonator guitar in Brand New Condition
It’s got a striking Gold Finish with Etched Palm Trees on the back.
-Bell Brass
-Single Cone Resonator
-Biscuit Bridge

The Parlorizer is the parlor sized metal body resonator in our Royall Resonator family. This one is a nickel plated brass body single cone resonator with biscuit bridge, chicken foot resonator cover and grid or lattice pattern sound holes like a traditional tricone. We think they’re pretty cool.

Royall Golden Resonator with Tropical Palm Tree Engraving

•  Slotted headstock and 12 fret neck

•  Brass body with grid pattern soundholes

•  Gold finish with tropical Palm Tree engraving

•  Chickenfoot brass resonator cover  

•  1 13/16 ” bone nut

•  25″ scale

•  17″ body length

•  9 1/4″ upper bout

•  12″ lower bout

•  3″ body depth

•  Round mahogany neck 

•  Rosewood fret board

•  Hand spun aluminum Continental cone

•  Vintage Waverly style “Butterbean” tuners by Trev Wilkinson

•  Authentic stick and pillar construction

•  Rosewood biscuit bridge with maple and ebony saddle 

• Fitted case included