Ampeg Micro VR with 2x10 Cab

Regular price $449.99

This Ampeg 200 watt Micro VR Head with matching Ampeg 2x10 cabinet loaded w/ Eminence Speakers is in Brand New Condition.
With the look and sound of a Mini SVT Rig…
this little power house is perfect for Bar Gigs and Man/Woman Caves everywhere !!
A cover for the Micro VR head is Included.

This is what Ampeg has to say about this little bass Titan…
"Don't be fooled by its diminutive, dare we say "cute", appearance. The Ampeg Micro-VR is a compact powerhouse fully capable of pumping its 200 watts of genuine Round Sound ™ into myriad live and recording situations. This portable, powerful solid-state head in traditional Ampeg drag is a pleasant surprise from the second you lay eyes on it to the moment its indisputable Ampeg tone hits your ears."