MXR M300 Reverb Guitar Pedal

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The MXR Reverb delivers six distinct high end reverb styles,
each exquisitely crafted and tuned by the award-winning MXR
design team. It all comes in a standard-sized MXR box with a
simple three-knob setup and a hi-fi analog dry path with a
massive 20 volts of headroom thanks to Constant Headroom
Technology™. Each reverb style is as richly detailed as any
found in the highest-end rack units and plug-ins, and all you
have to do to step through them is push the Tone knob.

The PLATE setting provides a shimmering smooth wash of space
that’s a go-to choice from the studio recording world. SPRING
sets a new standard for truly authentic sounding reverb without
coiled metal—a perfect recreation of the classic amp-based effect,
with the Tone control taking you from dark vintage amp spring,
through classic jangle, to bright surfy splatter. EPIC is a
unique combination of multiple interwoven analog-tone delay
lines and complex modulation—perfect for solos from that more
shaded part of the lunar landscape. MOD throws down a plate-
flavored spaciousness with richly organic modulation in the
feedback path. The ROOM style adds subtle body and projection
to your guitar tone at shorter decay times while longer decay
times yield rich organic space that doesn’t wash out. PAD
closes out the line-up with a unique combination of sub-octave
+ octave-up with echoes + "shimmer" + synth/organ modulation + reverb.

Connect a Dunlop DVP series volume/expression pedal to the
expression jack to toggle and blend between two different
knob setting configurations. The Reverb includes 100% wet
mode, stereo input and output capability, and true relay
or trails bypass.

Six meticulously crafted reverbs in one pedal
Dry path is 100% analog
Relay true bypass and delay trails modes