Alairex H.A.L.O. Jr. Overdrive Pedal

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The H.A.L.O. Jr. Overdrive pedal is not your average overdrive pedal.
The little brother to the legendary H.A.L.O. pedal,  
its unique design and radical approach delivers amazingly flexible control of even order harmonic distortion. 
This produces an incredibly warm, rich overdrive sound that is thick and multi-dimensional. 
The response to touch dynamics must be experienced to understand

The H.A.L.O. Jr. pedals sold at Harbor Music have (2) unique modifications.
-The Presence control, normally adjusted by
unscrewing (4) backplate screws and using a mini blade screwdriver,
has been modded with a small pot on the right side of the pedal,
for "on the fly" adjustment.
-The "linear" Master Volume pot has been replaced with an "audio" pot for much finer overall volume control.

-True Bypass
-Gain Control goes from Clean to Crushing
-Tone Control cuts/boosts Highs
-Level Control sets Output Level
-Bass boosts at around 100Hz
-Contour Control shapes Mid-range:
Turn down for a Scooped sound,
Turn up for a Tight, Focused Midrange
-Shape switches between Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Clipping
-Runs on 9-18v DC/9v Battery

The H.A.L.O Jr. is just a Kickass Overdrive pedal.
It's tone is richly harmonic, with incredible overtones.