AMPedals Dual-808 Overdrive/Booster

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AMPedals makes Custom, Handmade, Boutique guitar
effects pedals in the UK. They are exceptionally high-
quality and sound great.

The Dual-808 is just what it sounds like: Two Tube-
Screamers living together in one box. But it's more
than that. It's got an optional Clean Boost for each
channel, and a 3-way Bass Booster.

The central Bass Booster switch sounds thinnest
(and most stock 808-esque) in the central positon.
In the up position it has slightly more bass, and 
in the down position it's got a big, fat bass boost.

-True Bypass
-Two Channels
-Independent Volume, Drive, and Tone Controls
-Independent Optional Clean Boost
-Master 3-Way Bass Boost
-Runs on 9v DC

The Dual-808 by AMPedals is an awesome overdrive/booster.
Don't miss out.