1962 Fender Princeton Amp - Excellent Condition

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This is a Beautiful 1962 Fender Princeton Amp.

It is all original EXCEPT (4) caps and a 3-prong ground power cord (see pics).
The Tolex and Grill are in Excellent Condition...no rips or tears.
As George Gruhn has said..."If you own a Model T, at some point, you're gonna have to replace the tires.
That said, the tubes have been replaced.
The PreAmp tubes are U.S.A. Long Plate 7025s.
The Power tubes are TAD 6V6GT-STR.
The Rectifier is a VM 5Y3GT.
The Foot Switch was mounted to a block of wood, 
(in a pre-velcro effort) to fasten it to the cabinet floor.

This amp has a very warm and dynamic tone.
It goes from a Beautiful Clean tone to a Rich Overdrive.
The tone knob has a wide usable range.
The Tremolo sounds great.
A Padded Cushy Cover is Included.