Bearfoot Ever Green Compressor

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Bearfoot pedals are Officially Licensed by BJF, and handwired in the USA.
They are Faithful Recreations of Bjorn's original hand-wired pedals.

The Ever Green Compressor is the More Intense sibling of the Pale Green
Compressor.With the same Great Transparency and Quiet Operation, More
Squish and a Decay Control, the EGC is great for situations that demand a
Long, Tight Compression.

-Hand Wired/Hand Painted
-True Bypass
-V Controls Output
-C Controls Compression Ration
-T Fine Tunes the EQ-Rotate Counter-Clockwise for a Treble Cut/Bass Boost,
Clockwise for a Treble and Bass Boost

The EGC is a Great Sounding Compressor pedal. Hand-wired, Hand-painted 
here in the US with the Highest Quality components. Classic BJF circuit,
this pedal can't be beat.