Bearfoot Honey Beest Overdrive

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Bearfoot pedals are Officially Licensed by BJF, and handwired in the USA.
They are Faithful Recreations of Bjorn's original hand-wired pedals.

The Bearfoot Honey Beest is a kick-ass overdrive. Designed around
the classic Honey Bee, the Beest takes that much-loved circuit and
adds a treble and uppermid-accented Pregain Booster. With that,
the voices of the two gain stages perfectly complement each other.

-All Hand-Wired
-BJF Design
-Volume Control
-Nature Control
-Drive Control
-Pregain Control
- Runs on 8-18V

Check out Pete Thorn's Demo of the Honey Bee and Honey Beest here:
This is a Great Overdrive Pedal. Don't Miss Out.