Bearfoot Pale Green Compressor

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Bearfoot pedals are Officially Licensed by BJF, and handwired in the USA.
They are Faithful Recreations of Bjorn's original hand-wired pedals.

The Pale Green Compressor is the compressor for people who hate 
compressors. Super-Transparent, they capture the natural feel of
a great amp and speakers compressing when pushed. 

The Middle Knob fine tunes the EQ Pre and Post Compression.
Turned counter-clockwise, it acts as a Treble Cut/Bass Boost.
Turned Clockwise and it adds bass and high-end sparkle without
hiss or noise.

-True Bypass
-Volume Controls Output
-Comp controls Compression Ratio
-Central EQ Control
-5-15v Operable

If you want the perfect compressor, undetected when there, but
missed when it's gone, the Bearfoot Pale Green Compressor
is what you're looking for.