Bogner Ecstasy Red Overdrive

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Bogner has been making Legendary Hand-Made amps since the early 90's.
Now, Bogner has Launched a line of Pedals so you can bring
that Fabled Bogner Tone and Playability to your Favorite Amp.

The Ecstasy Red is based on the Red Channel of the Ecstasy amp.
With Five Discrete Class A Gain Stages, and no Op-Amps or Clipping Diodes,
the Ecstasy Red provides Clarity, Touch Sensitivity, and Note Separation
like you've never heard from an Overdrive Pedal.

-True Bypass
-Boost Function with Independently lit Volume and Gain controls
-Master Controls: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Gain
-Variac On/Off Switch drops voltage for Dynamic Compression
-Mode Switch: Tight/Mellow/Full shapes the General EQ Curve and Gain Levels
-Pre EQ Switch: B1/N/B2 controls Openness, Presence, and High End Harmonics
-Structure Switch: 100/101/20th Anniversary settings offer EQ Shifts and Gain Structures from various eras of the Ecstasy amp.
-Remote jack offers Remote Switching Capability.
-Premium Components
-Low Battery Indicator: LED blinks when battery charge drops below critical threshold.

Finally you can get Smoking Bogner Tone in a Stompbox.