BOSS FV-50L Stereo Volume Pedal with Tuner Output

Regular price $125.00

This is a Boss FV-50L Low Impedance Stereo / Mono Volume pedal is in Brand New Condition.
It has a Tuner out so you can tune quietly.
Adjustable "Heel Down" volume wheel on the left side lets you dial in how much volume
comes thru when you've got it heel down.
Some people set it all the way off, for doing volume swells or silently tuning.
Some set it to switch from Rhythm volume to Lead volume...
allowing some volume to come thru when it's heel down.
This Low Impedance model is designed to go in the middle of your pedalboard...
(anywhere after the 1st pedal...just not as the 1st pedal in the chain).
Original Box and Paperwork are Included.