Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer Pedal

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The SYB-5 is Boss's Newest Bass-Synth pedal.
The SYB-5 Faithfully Reproduces the Fat Sound of Classic Analog Synthesizers.
This pedal is used but in Excellent Condition.

Enhanced Sound With the Latest DSP Technology
-All 11 internal synth sounds have been Improved
to produce a Fatter, More Cutting sound
-The sounds are built on variations of three oscillator Waves (Saw, Square, Pulse)
-The filters modulate according to the way you set the envelope and LFO

Enhanced Playability Via External Control.
-An external pedal input jack has been added to the SYB-5
for connecting an EV-5 Expression Pedal
-You can Control the Filter Cutoff and LFO rate in Real Time with your foot.
-In Modes 1-9 you can use the SYB-5's onboard pedal
to Hold a Note while playing over it

Overall this is a Great Sounding Pedal for your bass synth needs.
You Won't Believe how much Synth-Bass Beef can come from such a small pedal!