Catalinbread Formula 5F6

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Catalinbread's Formula 5F6 brings Vintage Tweed Bassman Tone and Response
to your Clean amp.

It's got the same Three Knob Pre-Amp Tone Stack circuitry reproduced
from the 5F6 Bassman Circuit,
Providing you with Awesome Dynamics and Touch sensitivity.
There's an internal Switch for "Secret Lead Mode", which reconfigures the
pedal's Gain and EQ Structure for a Modern High-Gain take
on the Tweed Bassman sound.

-True Bypass
-Treble controls High End EQ
-Middle controls Mid Range EQ
-Bass controls Low End EQ
-Volume controls Output Level
-Gain controls Overdrive Level
-Internal switch for "Secret Lead Mode"
-Runs on 9v DC

The Formula 5F6 is essentially a Tweed Bassman in a box.
It will give you that Great California Tone.