Catalinbread WIIO Overdrive

Regular price $179.95

Modeled after the legendary 70's Hiwatt Amps, the WIIO is a bitchin',
natural sounding overdrive. With practically zero compression it's super-
responsive to the pick attack; to clean up your tone just pick lighter,
or slam it for a massive overdrive sound.

-True Bypass
-Modeled after the 70's Hiwatt Amplifiers
-'Treble' and 'Bass' Knobs for Dialing In Tone
-'Gain' Knob Controls Drive
-'Master' Knob Controls Master Volume
-Gain directly Controlled by Pick Attack
-Runs on 9-18v DC/Battery

If you've been looking for an overdrive pedal that has all the dynamics
and tone of a real amp, the WIIO is just the ticket.