MXR Echoplex Preamp

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Dunlop's New Echoplex Preamp is a Tone-shaping Clean Boost, based on the Fabled Preamp circuit of the Echoplex EP-3 Tape Echo.

Back in the day everybody (including Page, Stevie Ray, and many others) used the EP-3,
and many used it primarily for the preamp section to give their tone just a little special sauce.

Now Dunlop has faithfully recreated the EP-3's preamp circuit in a convenient,
pedalboard-friendly format so that you two can apply the EP-3 Sonic Magic.
The Echoplex Preamp can give you up to 11dB of Boost, just where the pedal starts to break up.
It gives you a Nice, Warm Low/Mid bump and a Subtly Shimmery high end,
and when pushed starts to Compress nicely giving a Crisp, Spanky tone.

-Faithful Reproduction of EP-3 Preamp
- +11 dB Gain Boost
-True Bypass
-Field-Effect Transistor

The Echoplex Preamp can breathe that extra spark of life into your tone.
It sounds great.