Dunlop Germanium Fuzz Face Mini

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The FFM3 Germanium Fuzz Face Mini is based on the late-60's pre-Silicon Fuzz Faces.
It's got that famously Warm, Vintage fuzz tone provided by slightly mismatched Germanium transistors.
It's like having an awesome vintage fuzz in a tiny little box, about the size of a hockey puck.
Plus it's got some modern updates, like true bypass switching, a bright status LED,
an AC Power Jack and a Convenient Battery Door.

-Warm, Vintage Fuzz Tones
-True Bypass Switching
-Bright Status LED
-AC Power Jack
-Convenient Battery Door
-Runs 9V DC/Battery

If you love that Fat Vintage Fuzz tone,
but don't want to give up all that pedalboard real estate,
the Germanium Fuzz Face Mini is the pedal for you.