EBS DynaVerb High Dynamics Stereo Reverb Pedal

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This pedal is "Pre-Owned" and in excellent condition.
It is fully functional and operates as intended.
There is a velcro on the bottom of the pedal so it's ready
to be loaded on to your trusty pedalboard.

With just two knobs and two switches, the EBS DynaVerb
gives you access to a Stunning Selection of Pristine,
dynamic reverb sounds. With 24-bit DSP circuitry, it
delivers eight different reverbs: three room reverbs,
three plate reverbs, and two hall reverbs. Controls
include a Reverb level knob, Tone knob, reverb mode
switch, and reverb type selector switch. It also has
stereo inputs and outputs.

This reverb pedal is sweet!
From drippy plate style reverb... to Large Hall Reverb...
This baby can nail it all.

-24-bit digital reverb pedal
-8 reverbs: 3 room, 3 plate, and 2 hall
-Reverb and Tone level knobs
-Reverb mode selector switch: Hall, Plate, Room
-Reverb type selector switch: A, B, C
-Stereo I/O
-Preserves entire frequency range of signal
-Noiseless switching