Ebtech Hum X Hum Exterminator

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Exterminate hum with the Hum X!
This Handy tool Filters out Unwanted Voltage and Current in the Ground Line,
which can cause Ground-Loop Hum, while simultaneously
maintaining a Solid, Safe Ground.
Some devices simply remove the ground, which is never safe!
The Hum X is Easy to Use, Easy to Install, and best of all,
Hum X makes you Sound Better!
Hum X can be used with any device with a 3-prong outlet
and doesn't draw more than 6A of power.

Ebtech Hum X Ground Loop Eliminator Features at a Glance:
-Eliminates ground loop hum
-Maintains safe, solid ground
-Avoids loss of volume, tone or both in your audio signal
-Plugs conveniently into your power cord and wall outlet