Electro Harmonix EHX B9 Organ Machine

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EHX's New B9 Organ Machine transforms the tone of any guitar or keyboard
into that of a Full-Body Electric Organ.
With 9 presents finely tuned to emulate the most legendary organs from the 60's and beyond,
the B9 gives you enough Rich, Lush Organ tone to fill out a two-guitar band
with that little extra something.

-Dry and Organ Outputs
-Independent Dry and Organ Volume Controls
-Mod and Click Controls
-9 Presets:
-Fat and Full
-Classic Rock
-Bottom End
-Bell Organ

There have been a few Organ pedals out there, but none of them come close to the B9.
It tracks amazingly, and the tones it generates are Incredibly Lifelike.
You have to hear it to believe it.