Electro-Harmonix EHXTortion Overdrive

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Electro-Harmonix's New EHXTortion Overdrive/Distortion pedal is a
Killer Dual Gain Stage JFET Overdrive opening to you a
World of Sonic Possibilities.

It All starts with the Overdrive Channel.
It has a Four-Way "Pre-Gain" switch, that Ranges from
Cleanest to Dirtiest.
Each detent has it's own Sonic Character and can take you
from a Sparkling Clean, Fenderesque tone
all the way up Through Crushing Crunch tones.
The Tortion's Powerful 3-Band EQ Let's you Dial in
just the EQ Curve you're looking for.

Then, there's the Boost Channel.
The Boost Channel shares it's EQ with the Overdrive Channel,
and adds a Gain Stage.
It can add just a touch of hair to the Overdrive,
or Searing, Blistering Distortion for Lead lines.
The Volume knob on the Boost channel has a very wide range,
so you could actually set it to be quieter than the
overdrive channel if you so desired,
or Crank it so your Lead lines pop right out.

-JFET Overdrive
-Two Channels
-Volume, Treble, Mid, and Bass Controls
-4-Way Pre-Gain Switch
-Gain Control
-Boost Volume and Boost Can Controls
-Bypass and Boost Switches
-Boost Switch input for a Momentary (Non-Latching) Footswitch
-DI Output with Cabinet Emulation
-Runs on 9v DC/Battery

This pedal sounds so good you could forego the amp altogether
and run the Tortion straight into the House PA.