Electro-Harmonix Neo Mistress Guitar Effect Pedal

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Longing for Lush, Full-Bodied Flanging Effects?
Here's the pedal for you: the Electro-Harmonix Neo
Mistress Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal. Just like the
Classic Mistress, the Neo Mistress delivers varied tonal
density and Ultra-Smooth sweeping flange effects. The
Neo Mistress also features a Manual Filter Matrix Mode,
which freezes the filter sweep so that you can take control
of it. The Neo Mistress also includes a Feedback Control,
which allows you to contour the effect to taste. Add one
of these attractively affordable pedals to your rig and
open up a World of Cool Modulated Effects.

-Classic flanger sounds with sweep and speed control
-Filter Matrix Mode freezes the sweep of the flanger
allowing manual control of the flanger setting
-True Bypass
-Battery powered (optional 9-volt power supply available)