Fender TBX Lace Sensor Pick Guard Assemby

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This is a Fender TBX Lace Sensor Pick Guard Assemby.
The PG is a Tortoise 4 Ply guard, with White Lace Sensor PUs and Knobs.

The TBX Circuit is an Active circuit with a Variable 25db boost.
It’s used on the Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy signature guitars,
and runs on a 9 volt battery.
It uses Lace Sensor PUs which were designed to create less hum than traditional Single Coil PUs,
while maintaining that Fender Single Coil tone.

Each of the (3) controls Volume…Tone…Boost…acts as a master on all (3) PUs…
and fuctions as follows:
-Volume…same as standard Strats

-Middle Tone…has a Detent at “5”
0-5 is like 0-10 on a regular Strat…(but with this circuit)…
5-10 is a Variable Treble Boost

-Bottom Tone is a 25db Volume Boost
0 is no boost…all the way up to 
25db boost at 10

note: I have a Clapton Strat with this circuit,
and it gives me one of my best “quacky” Strat-y tones (with the middle knob around 7 or 8)
AND it also gives me Super Fat Lead tones in the Bridge or Neck (with the 25db boost cranked up)