Greer - Gorilla Warfare MkII

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The Greer Gorilla Warfare MKII Distortion Pedal is basically Nick Greer's rendition of the Rat Distortion pedal, but better! 

This is Greer Pedals, angry, aggressive, larger-than-life version of the old familiar circuit, complete with the good old LM308 chip. The pedal is powered by the same vintage chip that sparked folklore galore back in the day. Greer updated a few things, including the quality of the components used in the circuit.  And that old Filter knob? Nick turned it into a Tone control. It covers the same range the original Filter control did, but when you turn it up you get more treble.

The Gorilla Warfare MKII is powered by 9 volt center tip negative 2.1mm standard power supply cable, built in an aluminum enclosure that’ll outlast most of humanity, with an old school true-bypass switch that feels good to step on, and a faceplate that’s gold and black but in some lights looks desert tan and black.