Kanile'a Guilele K-1 GL6

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This is a pre-owned Kanile'a Guilele K-1 GL6 Premium 6 String Uke in Brand New Condition.
-Tuned A -> A
-Solid Koa Body
-Hard Case Included

The GL6 is the perfect instrument for the guitar player delving into the world of `ukulele, 
or a `ukulele player wanting to learn guitar. 
It has a 6-string 6-course set up on a fingerboard with a two-inch nut width. 
Tuning is A to A, as if you’ve placed your capo on the 5th fret of your full-size guitar. 
A beautiful rich tone is achieved with the super tenor deep body build 
and the exclusive Kanile`a string set specific to the GL6 20″ scale length.