Keeley 1962 British Voiced Overdrive/Boost Effect Pedal

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We all know the power of British made black and gold amplifiers.Powerful, crunchy, classic.  Now take the incredible tone of a blues breaker and wrap a Keeley Katana circuit around both sides of it and you have the Keeley 1962!  Yeah, it’s Heavy, cutting,the very definition of classic distortion tones.

Layers of Gain
Layering gain sounds is one of the most tried and true ways of
getting a Deep Rich Tone.  A tone that has a Smoothness to it,
has Sustain to it.  It let’s you sing!  That’s exactly what
Keeley has done here in this hybrid of circuits.  They took one
of the most popular boosters out there, the Katana, and split
it in half.  Using both JFETs like valves in a British amp,
we create pre-amp and output tube distortions characteristics.

Hand Built and Crafted
This unit is crafted from Precision Components and Workmanship.
Even the Surface Mount JFET Transistors are placed and
soldered by hand.  A very Low Noise Op-Amp was selected
for this tone-tool.  You’ve come to expect brilliance from
Keeley pedals, this one delivers.  It sparkles with life and
energy, but doesn’t have the noise that takes away from that
clarity.  This ain’t a tube screamer!  But it sure as heck goes
well with one!