Keeley 30ms Automatic Double Tracker

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Let's talk about Double Tracking for a second.
The process of doubling instruments and vocals
has been around for decades, although the process
was particularly annoying for vocals. John Lennon
was so peeved with the vocal doubling process that
he indirectly forced Ken Townshend to devise a mechanical
method for double tracking. Thus was born the somewhat
complicated tape method of double tracking,
and recording technology was subsequently advanced.

This sweetening technique is something that's
eluded players since that fateful day in Abbey
Road studios. Chorus pedals have tried, but they're
just not the same. And short of carting tape machines
around everywhere, nobody's been able to accurately
replicate it. Leave it to Keeley, then, to cram all
the double tracker features one could ever want into a compact package.

Enter: the 30 ms Double Tracker. Keeley has oufitted
this effect with Several Control Parameters to truly
cement its place on your Pedalboard or in your studio.
There's a Tuning Knob that tunes the signal between +/-
30 Cents (in Abbey Mode it adjusts rate and depth).
The Time knob adjusts the milliseconds of delay from
0 to 30 (in Slapback mode, 30 to 120ms).  

An onboard reverb can be dialed in with its eponymous
knob, with frequency rolloffs of 600Hz and 10kHz.

The three modes are Dimension, Abbey Mode and Slapback.
Dimension mode is a classic double tracker featuring two
voices, adjustable with the Tuning knob. Slapback adds to
this by expanding the delay time to 120ms, while retaining
the voices. Abbey Mode calls back vintage tape-tracking,
with a modulation control to emulate a gentle-worn tape machine.

Keeley Electronics 30ms Double Tracker Features:
-Studio-quality double tracking effect with adjustable tuning
-Up to 120ms delay time in Slapback mode
-"Abbey Mode" for vintage tape machine-style double tracking
-Onboard echo chamber-style reverb
-Standard 9v center-negative power operation
-TRS cable included - Hosa YPP-117