Keeley Abbey Chamber Reverb

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The Keeley Abbey Chamber Reverb recreates the famous
EMI studio echo chambers sound. This compound had Three different
chambers and a host of electronic filters for refining the
end product.

Rather than a generic filter, the Abbey incorporates reproductions
of the actual RS106, RS127 and RS135 filters used in the EMI studio.
These filters boosted or cut certain bands by +/- 10dB, and targeted
the frequency bands of 2.7kHz, 3.5kHz and 10kHz. Each one of these
bands is selectable on the Abbey. This is tied to the Brilliance

Naturally occurring Room reverb pre-delay is automatically 30ms,
which is where the Pre-Delay knob on the Abbey starts.
It runs all the way to 150ms, which is as far as tape machines
of the day would allow.

Decay and Blend knobs speak for themselves, with the Decay control
offering up longer and longer ‘verb tails, and the Blend control
ranging from 100 percent dry to 100 percent wet.

Fully tricked-out recreation of the EMI Studios echo chamber
Selectable boost/cut frequency band
Handmade in USA
Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)