Keeley Compressor Plus 4-Knob Compressor Pedal

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Keeley's compressor pedals have gathered worldwide acclaim,
and the Keeley Compressor Plus pedal continues the trend by
incorporating player-requested features. Like the Blend control,
which allows you to bring in some of your dry signal along with
the compressed signal for the best of both worlds — dynamic and
fatter at the same time. A much-requested Tone control allows youto fine-tune the tone appropriately for any guitar. And the
simplified Attack switch makes it faster to dial in a great sound.
Whether you want to tame the peaks on a plucky Tele, or simply want to fatten up your tone with any guitar, get the Keeley Compressor Plus pedal.

Compressor pedal for electric guitar and bass
High quality components used throughout
Preserves your guitar's natural tone
Adds clarity and balances out volume differences between strings
Attack switch for simplified setup
Blend knob for combining your dry signal with the compressed signal
Tone knob for optimizing your sound with any guitar or pickups
Metal film resistors and capacitors ensure ultra-clean operaton
Hand-matched transistors to less than one percent tolerance