Keeley Electronics 1962X 2-Mode Limited Edition British Overdrive

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Our Keeley 1962X 2-Mode Limited British Overdrive has a
Wealth of Great Classic Bluesbreaker tones ready at a
moments notice, so what could make it better? Here at
Keeley we are not one to sit on a circuit, we constantly
dream and imagine what else it could be. So we have come
up with something more for the Keeley 1962, Introducing
the 1962x. The 1962x is a limited version of our 1962,
built in batches when we have the supply, with an
additional “KT88” high headroom mode utilizing MOSFET
clipping. In the “KT66” mode you will get the same
performance and gain range you get in the standard 1962,
from mild light breakup all the way to full saturation.
In the “KT88” mode, a MOSFET transistor is inserted in
the clipping stage to produce a higher output, and a more
forceful, focused and meatier sound. The KT88 Mode
definitely steps the presence up a notch and acts
terrifically to light up the front end of a classic
tube amp (maybe even a Bluesbreaker?). Take all of this
and place it in a brand new graphic design featuring
many classic Bluesbreaker design elements and a special
printed “open back” back plate, and you end up with a
terrific sounding pedal, that is really great to look at too!

Keeley Electronics 1962 Overdrive Features:
-Classic Blues Breaker circuit enveloped in the Keeley Katana
-Low-noise op-amp
-True bypass switching
-Standard 9v center-negative operation
-Hand-made in Oklahoma, USA