Keeley Electronics Aurora Reverb

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-Affordable with No Compromise to Audio Quality.
-Easy for guitarists to Use and Inspiring
-An awesome reverb!

Decay: Decay controls the Amount of Time it takes
for the Reverberated Sound to Disappear.
It provides a Range from a Realistic short reverb to a walk-away-and-come-back Signal of musical reflections.

Slapback: Slapback controls the predelay. Predelay creates distance.
How soon or late you hear the first reflection is crucial
to crafting the reverberated space.
The Keeley Aurora Slapback knob provides you with a sufficient Range of Time:
From Zero Milliseconds to 100 Milliseconds of predelay, Ample Time considering a pedal-board Footprint this Small.

Warmth: Dial up the warmth.
Opposite to most tone controls, ours Increases the Warmth,
as it is a Dampening Control.
Its brightest setting is when completely dialed down.

Blend: Blend will take your 100% analog dry signal and blend in the reverb, from just the slightest mix of wet to much more.

The Toggle Switch: The three most popular reverb styles that don’t come built into your amplifier are Room, Plate, and Hall.
In the smallest footprint possible, we offer what used to take up entire city blocks or an entire studio room.

-True Bypass
-100% dry analog path for Low Noise
-24 bit, high-fidelity reverb processor

All in all, the Keeley Aurora Reverb promises to provide the Essentials guitarists are looking for when they need reverb.
Like that ethereal glow to the mighty Earth herself, Aurora creates a natural halo of sound.