Keeley Electronics Psi Fuzz

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Robert Keeley has Engineered Countless Fuzz Pedals in his day.
He regularly combs through piles of Germanium Fuzzes
in search of the Perfect Units.
You might say the man's a Perfectionist.
However, there's one Fuzz Type—the IC-based Big Muff—
at which Keeley hasn't yet tried his hand.
Until now...

The Keeley Psi Fuzz is Robert Keeley's take on the Rare IC Big Muff.
Of course—and perhaps because Robert Keeley got his start Modding Pedals—he couldn't leave well enough alone.
Instead of fabricating a direct copy of the original, Keeley has Modified the Circuit, equipping it with a Germanium Transistor for a little Extra Smoothness.
The result is the Best Sounding IC Big Muff yet, and we think you'll agree.

This pedal has 3 Knobs.
Voltage-Controls your Volume
Voice-Adjusts the Brightness of your Fuzz Tone
Cream-Alters the amount of Fuzz

Keeley Electronics Psi Fuzz Features:
Based on IC Big Muff
Germanium gain stage
Standard 9v center-negative operation
True bypass
Made in USA