Keeley (Guitar & Bass) Pro Compressor

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This Stomp-Box Sized Compressor/Limiter is hand made in Oklahoma, USA.
It is in No Way limited to be used with only guitar.  
It has been designed to work as a Studio Compressor.
It accepts Any Range of Inputs and has a Frequency Response/Noise Level matching the Finest Compressors made.

Introduction of Features
-Compression LED Display – 7 Segment LED display for Fast and Accurate metering of compression and gain reduction.
-Threshold LED Indicator – Bi-Color LED to indicate when compression is initiated and released.
-Exact RMS Analysis (ERA) – Senses the true RMS value of the input program material such as your guitar, bass or drum machine.
-Hard/Soft Knee Compression – Hard Compression for Limiting or Adding Sustain, soft knee for Gentle Compression, keeping performances lively and natural sounding
-Auto Mode – Set to Auto ON for Worry-Free Performance and Automatic Attack and Release times.
-True-Bypass – No Tone or Signal Loss when OFF

This is an Amazing Studio Grade Compressor.
It can handle any application you may throw at it.