Keeley Mini Katana Clean Boost

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Introducing the Mini Katana 35dB clean boost!
Clean and super powerful

Keeley’s oldest design made
smaller and with an additional feature.  
The Katana started back in 2002. It was a dual
class A JFET design that gave players
and incredible boost and sounded so good they never
turned off.  In fact they often ran two or three on
stages like John Mayer!  The Mini Katana boost provides
over 35dB of boost.  Enough for the most demanding

The Mini Katana comes loaded with a new feature – 4 MODES!

With the dual micro switches you have a total of four sounds possible.  
Need drive, just flip the micro Hi-Gain Switch inside and
you’ve got overdriven tone!  Flip the Hi-Cut Switch (NEW
for the Katana Mini!) on the inside and you have a warmer
tone to soften any Strat or Tele.  Flip both switches and
you have the ultimate sounding boost, thick, creamy,
tube-amp sounding, and plenty of volume on tap!

Obsessed with cleanest, most enjoyable tone boosted? Well,
Before other people started using Blue LED’s and non-diode
clipping stages, there was the TMB and Katana…. Cascading
FET stages do the tube-amp-thing like nothing else!

Now made smaller, it will fit any board and any budget.  
Enjoy the pedal that redefined clean boost in the boutique era.