Keeley Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe

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Jimi Hendrix played guitar like nobody else.
He used effect pedals like colors on an artist's
palette to paint pictures with his solos.
The Keeley Monterey is the most affordable way to
access Mr. Hendrix’s pallete.
A vintage Fuzz Face, Uni-Vibe, and Vox Wah can
total up to over a few thousand dollars.
That's not taking into account any electronical
restoration or maintenance you will have to periodically do.
Why waste all that money? You can now buy one pedal
in order to create all these sounds.

At the heart of the Keeley Monterey is a two-transistor fuzz
that Jimi made famous on hits such as "Foxey Lady" and "Purple Haze."
The best part of the fuzz is that it cleans up nicely when you
roll down your volume. Jimi's fuzz tone was amazing in that one
second it was thick and gnarly all out fuzz, then he would get clean
fat sounds by rolling back his volume. The Keeley Monterey is capable
of doing both.

Need a uni-vibe tone to pull off "Machine Gun?"
The Keeley Monterey has you covered.
The vibe effect on this pedal is deep and lush as you would ever want it to be.
Need a wah tone for your solos or "Voodoo Child?"
The Monterey has an autowah built right in!
It's amazing how many features this baby has packed in.
Connect an expression pedal and you can manually control the wah or vibe speed.
Finally, you can even add an octave up or down effect to your sound to
mimic Hendrix's Octavia tones.

What else is there to say?
Experience the Keeley Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe today!

-Multi-effects pedal based around Jimi's legendary tones
-Rotary speaker, vibe, and autowah modulation onboard
-The fuzz circuit is full sounding and touch sensitive
-Variable octave up and down
-Expression pedal input can control mod speed or manual wah
-Rotary cabinet simulation can be used with the rate turned off

All these pedals are handpainted so the finish on the
pedal you receive might differ from what you see in this
product's picture.