Keeley Oxblood Overdrive

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Robert Keeley has thrown his hat into the "Klon"
Style pedal ring. The hammered gold Oxblood seeks to
build upon the Klon circuit rather than painstakingly recreate it,
something that's been wholly missing from the scene since the
Klon epidemic began.

Rather than a Treble Knob, the Oxblood contains a real-deal
Tone control for an Extended Versatility. The Drive control
also extends far beyond the range of a regular K-style pedal,
and players can get some Excellent Medium-Gain sounds from
the Oxblood in addition to the standard fare.

The toggle switches are what really sets the Oxblood apart.

First of all, there's the added Phat switch, which extends
the bass response of the pedal and Stays True to its name.

The Clipping Switch Changes between Magic (left) and
Mythical (right, for real) Diodes, with the Magic Side
giving a More Saturated, Tighter Distorted Tone, and the
Mythical side giving a more Dynamic, Less Compressed Tone.

Of course, the Oxblood still does that "Clean Boost with
the Drive rolled all the way back" thing, and it does
it very well. It simply couldn't bear this color
scheme without giving players that.

Keeley Electronics Oxblood Features:
-Drastically Enhanced Gain Range with the Drive knob
-Two modes: stock and Phat for increased bass response
-Two sets of clipping diodes: "Magical" and "Mythical for different dynamics
-Standard 9v center-negative power operation