Keeley Stahlhammer Distortion

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The Keeley Stahlhammer Adds the Sonic Signture of Cranked British amps to your tone.
The pedal has Two Gain Modes it may operate in: Tube Saturation and High Gain.
These Two Modes allow you to achieve both Smooth Warm Overdrive and Aggressive Distortion.

This pedal packs enough Volume Boost to Drive your Tubes into its Red Zone.
A 3-Band EQ is included so you can Fine Tune your sound to Cut through the Mix.

-Overdrive/Distortion pedal with Two Gain Modes with Distinct Sonic Characteristics
-Tube Saturation mode gives you the Smooth Breakup and Dynamic Response of a tube amp
-High Gain mode gives you the Aggressive Sound of a Cranked British amplifier
-Fine-tune your tone for any guitar with the 3-band EQ
-3x makeup Gain Buffer Circuit gives you the Output Power you need to drive your amp harder

Choose the Keeley Stahlhammer for undeniably rockin' tone!