L.R. Baggs M80 soundhole pickup

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The thing about soundhole pickups is that its hard to get a true-to-life acoustic tone when amplified.
This is because the pickup only 'hears' the strings, and the soul of an acoustic guitar is, of course, in the body.

LR Baggs' M80 soundhole pickup circumvents this problem via a unique,
suspended, free-floating hum-cancelling coil.
As the guitar's body resonates, so too does the pickup,
and since the coil is free-floating it remains more or less stationary,
adding a three-dimensional depth to the sound it picks up from the strings.
In addition to the added tonal benefits, the coil is hum-cancelling,
thereby eliminating unwanted noise.

-Free-floating humbucking coil
-Active or Passive operation
-Feedback Resistant
-Installs in minutes
-Multi-segment battery check
-Adjustable pole pieces

The M80 brings a whole new depth to the world of soundhole acoustic pickups.
It just sounds fantastic.