Lovepedal Echo Baby (Pre-Owned)

Regular price $129.95

Astounding tape-sounding echo is now offered to you on this Echo Baby. Extremely small in size, this Lovepedal Pedal offers delay upto 760ms with a "Dynamic Modulation Mode” which improves the overall feel of the modulation at all delay times. If you hold the bypass switch on this Lovepedal Guitar Effect Pedal for 2 seconds it would will go into Modulation Edit Mode so you can find the correct amount of modulation. If you unplug this Echo Baby in Delay Time mode, it saves your modulation level. All these modes on this Lovepedal Pedal offers ease of tweaking and the delay time adjustment is also very accurate. So now add that delay with the right amount of modulation you need on this Lovepedal Guitar Effect to get the sound you always wanted.