Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor

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Mad Professor's Forest Green Compressor is designed to meet
the Highest Standards for Guitar and Bass compression.
It has Extremely Low Noise and a High Overload margin,
allowing a wide dynamic input range at minimum distortion and noise.

It has a special tone control to modify the tonal content
of the Compressed signal, providing more Transparent
Compression than has previously been possible.

In Sustain mode the initial pick attack is preserved
and you get a very Dynamic, Touch-Sensitive
Compression that can make your notes sing all night.

In Compressor mode you get a more squishy Compressor,
and the Level control adjusts the Level post-Compression,
so you can even use it as a Boost.

-Sustain Mode and Compressor mode
-Level controls Output Volume in Compressor Mode
and Compressed Signal Volume in Sustain Mode
-Tone adjusts EQ Post-Compression
-Comp controls amount of compression
-Runs on 9v DC/Battery

The FGC is one of the Best Compressors for Guitar around.
The tone control alone makes it a Standout pedal.