Maxon ASC10 Ambient Stereo Chorus

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The ASC10 has a Compact Enclosure and Simple Control Interface.
Its got Versatile Tone and Massive, Spacious Sound.

The ASC10’s Chorusing Effect is set Especially Wide in the
Stereo Spectrum, offering a Lush Tonality that actually
sounds like Two Guitars playing at once.

The Extended Operation Range of the Rate and Depth controls
conjure up everything from gorgeous 12-string simulations
to rotary speaker spins.

Stunning on Clean Sounds and Aggressive on Distorted Tones,
the ASC10 is equally at home in the front-end or
the FX loop of an amp.

Dual, phase-inverted outputs allow for Panning of the
ASC10’s effect between Two Amps or Tracks, or run mono
from output B for a more dramatic chorus effect.

The ASC10 features a Low-Impedance Buffered Bypass,
allowing it to drive long cable lengths or other
effect units without loss of signal.

-Classic analog chorus circuit
-Wide stereo split sounds like 2 guitars playing at once
-Rate and Depth controls with extended operation range
-Stereo outputs
-Works in FX loop or front-end of amp
-Buffered Bypass switching with low impedance output