Maxon PAC-9 Pure Analog Chorus

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The first thing you’ll notice when you step on the PAC-9 is a Beefy,
Full-Bodied Chorusing that punches you directly in the chest
gone are the thin, hissy, sissified chorus tones of yesteryear,
replaced instead by a Full-Frequency effect that Simply Sounds massive.

The PAC-9’s circuit uses professional-grade IC’s typically reserved
for High-End Audio applications, providing Audiophile Performance
in a Compact Stompbox Format.

When compared to a Standard Chorus, the PAC-9’s effect appears
more Dramatic and has More Presence in a mix – this is due to
the retention of low and low-mid frequencies that are Typically
Chopped Out by other boxes.

The PAC-9’s LFO has an extended range that allows it to nail
Classic Rotary Speaker sounds with ease.  In addition to standard
Speed and Width controls, The PAC-9 also features Two Unique Controls:  
The Pure switch boosts the Delayed Signal by 4 dB to create a More Dramatic,
Tremolo-like Chorus Effect, while the Bright Switch Subtly Scoops
lows on the delayed signal for a more traditional Chorusing Sound.

Standard and Inverted (90 degrees out of phase) outputs allow for
Mono, Stereo, or Inverted Mono signal routing options.

The PAC-9’s internal Voltage-Doubling circuitry provides Maximum
Headroom to eliminate Input Distortion.  The higher operating
voltage also allows it to be used in an FX loop to place the
Chorus Effect Post-Gain.

-Analog chorus with lush, organic tone
-Wide-range Speed control for Rotary speaker effects
-Special noise filtering circuit
-Bright and Pure switches for additional tonal options
-Stereo outputs
-Works in FX loop or front-end of amp
-True Bypass Switching