Milkman Sound "One Watt Plus" 10W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp (Used)

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This Milkman “One Watt Plus” is a Class A amp in Brand New/Mint Condition.
It’s covered in Ostrich with a Wheat Grille Cloth.
Controls include…Volume, Treble, Bass, and a Power Scaling knob
which takes you from 10 Watts down to 1 Watt (hence the name).
It comes with a Jupiter 12” speaker.
Like all Milkman amplifiers, the One Watt is hand-wired onto a turret board with Mercury Magnetics transformers and Jupiter Capacitors standard. 
It is build into a custom aluminum chassis and housed in a pine cabinet.
Milkman Amps are made in San Fransisco, CA.
Here’s what Mr. Milkman says about their amps...
The Milkman One Watt Plus amplifier adds more to the popular One Watt model. 

More Power: The One Watt Plus has a pair of 6V6 tubes running in parallel for 10 watts of clean power, and 18 watts of harmonically rich overdriven power. 
Onboard power scaling drops the amp from 10 watts down to 1 watt 
so you can get the grind at bedroom volume with no change in tone. 

A bigger cabinet translates into more overall power. 
The Jupiter small magnet ceramic is transparent with a scooped sound. 

The One Watt Plus has true Class A, single ended design. 
Both 6V6 power tubes run in parallel for a very dynamic and touch sensitive playing experience rich with even order harmonics.