Mosrite "The Ventures" model - 1965 (?)

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This is a mid-60's Mosrite "The Ventures" model.

Based on very limited dating information, 
(and the style of Sunburst...yellow-ish center and wide ring of red)...
we believe it to be a 1965.

Everything appears to original on it...PUs, tuners, frets...etc.
It has the original Vibramute (Bigsby style) Tremolo.
Pickups sound great.

It doesn't fret out, but the frets are small are could use a fret dress.
This guitar's been played and there's a fair amount of finish wear...(See pictures)

The case looks to be original. It looks like an old G&G case...before they evolved into G&G.
There's a little bit of moisture on the bottom in the case...the darker bit in the picture. 
The consignor leaves a small piece of "Hefty bag" under the guitar to protect it.

That's a pretty bitchin' guitar !!