MXR M77 Custom Modified Badass Overdrive

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MXR's M77 Custom Modified Badass Overdrive is what its name says:
A Badass Overdrive.

It can give you an extraordinarily broad palette of tones from clean to mid-gain.
The Tone knob attenuates your EQ as such that when fully counterclockwise
you get a Warm, Fat Overdrive, and fully clockwise gives your a biting,
crunchy overdrive tone.
The 100hz knob gives you further tone shaping possibilities:
crank it counterclockwise to scoop out the bass and low-mids
for a gritty, grinding, overdrive, or crank it clockwise for a huge
thumping tone.

The BUMP button engages an additional EQ Voicing that boosts the Lows and Mids.

-Classic Overdrive Circuit
-Tone Knob for attentuating EQ
-100hz knob Cuts toward the Left and Boosts toward the Right
-BUMP switch engages alternate voicing for Low-Mid Boost
-Output sets Output Level
-Gain controls Distortion Amount
-Runs on 9v DC/Battery

The M77 Badass Overdrive can give you some Truly Massive Overdrive Tones.
Whether you want it tight and focused, or fat and beefy,
the M77 has you covered.