MXR M81 Bass Preamp

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MXR's M81 Bass Preamp provides Studio-Quality Bass tones
in any situation.
It's got separate Input and Output Levels, allowing you to take
advantage of MXR's Constant Headroom Technology
for Unprecedented Clarity and Detail at Volumes other
Pre's just can't manage.
It's got a Powerful 3-Band EQ with Sweepable Mids,
and a Direct Out that can be sent Pre or Post EQ.
It's even got a Ground Lift,
all in the a Box the Size of a Standard Pedal.

-Switchable Pre/Post EQ Direct Out
-High Headroom Input and Output Levels for Pristine Signal Clarity
-3-Band EQ with Sweepable Mids
-Switch Between Buffered/True Bypass Switching
-Runs on 9v DC/Battery or Phantom Power

The M81 Bass Preamp is a Powerful Tone Solution
for all your Live and Studio Bass Applications.