Neunaber Chroma Stereo Chorus

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Unlike most choruses, the Chroma Stereo Chorus uses
micro-pitch transposition, as opposed to pitch modulation,
to achieve a thick, shimmering sound without the constant
warbling that can become fatiguing.

The Sound rangers from extremely subtle, to thick and
liquid. Since no artificial modulation is imposed, you
can hear the subtle, natural beat frequencies between
the multiple voices.

-Stereo Input and Output
-Mix, WIdth, and Tone/Regeneration (Δ) controls
-Compatible with Pedal Customizer software for PC and Mac
-Expression inputs for Mix and Width
-Buffered Bypass
-Very High Input Impedance: No Tone-Suck
-Analog Dry Signal for Low Noise and Zero Latency
-Small footprint
-Made in USA

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