Neunaber ExP Controller

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The Neunaber ExP Controller unleashes the full functionality of your Neunaber V2 

Stereo pedal: four programmable effects with two presets each,

three expression inputs (one for each knob) and a Preset Morph expression input.

Simply connect the ExP to any V2 Stereo Pedal with the included (no power needed).

Select the effect and program it with Pedal Customizer Software.

The footswitch behavior is also configurable per effect

(see the Stereo Pedal Advanced User Guide).

For example, you can configure a tap-tempo Echelon echo as one effect

and a Seraphim with long-press for shimmer as another effect.

Using Preset Morph with an expression pedal,

you can smoothly transition between two presets, 

resulting in nearly infinite variation.


-Four programmable effects

-Two Presets each

-Expression inputs for each knob

-Preset Morph expression input

The ExP Controller lets you control your effects like never before,

unlocking unlimited potential sonic landscapes.