One Control BJF Golden Acorn Overdrive Special

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In the world of amplifiers, there is top-tier,
and then there is God-tier. In this final echelon,
only one amp brand exists. It starts with a D and
rhymes with “humble,” but the amps (and the man
behind them) are anything but. These “D-style” amps
are legendary in tone, design, and above all else, price.
Luckily, One Control (by way of Bjorn Juhl of BFJE)
distilled that magic into a pocket-sized pedal that’s
a fraction of the cost of a D-style amp. They call it
the Golden Acorn, and it packs a punch.

The Acorn is divided into three controls: Bright,
Volume and Ratio. The Volume control is self-explanatory
and packs enough punch to push your own amp, and the
brightness introduces back any treble that might be
lost in higher gain settings. As a rule, it’s best to adjust this control second.

The Ratio control is the amount of gain available.
When rolled back, the Ratio control offers up clean-ish
blues tones but ranges to all-out saturated crunch.
After adjusting this, you should make another pass at the
Bright control to level things out, then adjust the volume to taste.

One Control recommends putting the Acorn first in the
signal chain to offer the most accesses to your guitar’s
raw signal, making better use of the dynamics available on tap.

One Control BJF Golden Acorn Overdrive Special Features:
-Modeled after the legendary “D-style” amps
-Ratio control offers an enormous gain range
-Highly interactive with guitar controls
-Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)