One Control BJF Persian Green Screamer

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Bjorn Juhl and One Control have teamed up to design
the best Tube Screamer money can buy without the drawbacks of a large enclosure, and in doing so, came up with the Persian Green Screamer, a must have for any fan of the circuit.

The Persian Green Screamer from One Control and Bjorn
features an overhauled version of the Screamer, not meant
to make one major improvement on the circuit, but to make
marginal gains everywhere and thus create a superior sound.

The switch on the side of the pedal is where the money’s at.
In Vintage mode, the Persian Green Screamer functions as an
enhanced version of the classic 808, big, brash, mid-heavy
and articulate, but tweaked only the way Bjorn knows.

In Modern mode, the Persian Green Screamer becomes much more transparent, so much so that in lower gain settings, the tone reaches clean boost territory. These two wildly different modes offer a buffet of Screamer tones in a package that can fit in your pants pocket.

-Vintage and Modern modes cover the gamut of Screamer tones
-Enhanced Screamer tones and transparent, amp-like tones in one box
-Ultra-small size fits on the most crowded pedalboards
-Standard 9v center negative (or battery) operation (adapter not included