One Control Strawberry Red Overdrive

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If you’re into effects in any capacity, you’re likely
familiar with Bjorn Juhl, otherwise known as BJF or BJFE.
If you’re not, his designs are 100 percent original and
are 100 percent awesome. The Strawberry Red Overdrive is
one such circuit, and it’s as killer as one might expect;
but there’s a catch: It’s in the tiniest enclosure you
can imagine.

The Strawberry Red is designed and built with the essence
of a truly great tube amp in mind. When discussing great
amps, Mr. Juhl realized that each one has certain factors
that make it unique, such as EQ or gain structure. However,
he also realized that all great amps possess a few fundamental factors, and the Strawberry Red was designed to touch on these similar characteristics, while leaving everything else open.

The result is an amp-like overdrive machine that verges on
distortion, but still makes a killer clean boost. The range of
the Drive knob is very drastic; the clean boost capabilities live
at one end of the sweep, and the other end is some truly distorted territory that never sounds a hair out of place.

One area where the Strawberry Red excels is cleanup. When rolling the guitar’s volume back, the palette of the Strawberry Red really changes, becoming a clean machine that imparts a little sparkle to your tone. In fact, rolling the volume back from maximum gain may leave you wondering how a pedal can do that.

The Strawberry Red also stacks exceptionally well, due in part to its ability to be powered by 18 volts. There’s also a Low-Cut trimmer on the side, adjustable by a screwdriver. When working in tandem with the Treble knob, this gives the player a great set of tone-shaping options. And despite its small size, the Strawberry Red also accepts a nine-volt battery.

One Control Strawberry Red Overdrive features:

Bjorn Juhl-designed overdrive
Large dynamic range in the Drive knob
Cleans up like a champ
Treble and Low-Cut knobs (Low-Cut is a trim pot)
Standard 9–18v power operation (adapter not included)